By now you have heard  about how SOLIDshot helps to improve basketball players’ free throws by helping reinforce proper technique and create consistency.

But what it also does is teach the player using it to do more self evaluation when it comes to perfecting his or her shot.

Just as University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari, who got to see the sleeve in action when the SOLIDshot team visited the Wildcat’s practice facility.

“This is a device that I see as something that can get (players) on the floor more, get them more consistent in what they are doing and let them be self-critical.”

Sure, any player can practice on their own. The SOLIDshot system is taking that to the next level, by putting a coach’s notes right on their arm and allowing them to correct their technique and build up consistency on their own time. This innovative way of getting players to self-critique is a hit for big-name coach Calipari.

“I’m always looking for things that will encourage players to get on that floor,” he said.

Suffice to say, the Wildcats’ head coach—and author of a new book due out in bookstores  at the end of this year—knows a thing or two about what gets basketball players to perform at to the fullest potential. This is the coach that NBA standouts Anthony Davis and John Wall, just to name a couple, played for during their NCAA tenure.

If he says it is an important tool as a player to be able to self-evaluate, you know it is sound knowledge.

“The elite athletes that I’ve coached—and I’ve coached some—they are all self-critical,” Calipari pointed out before giving the ultimate example: “Derrick Rose was harder on himself than I ever was.”

The SOLIDshot system can make players just as self-analytical as Rose and other pros by allowing the wearer to practice the fundamentals of shooting after practice has concluded. Coaches set up the smart sleeve and app to correct player’s shooting form, and then the player can use it both during practice and on their own time.

Clearly, using the SOLIDshot system can help players implement what coach John Calipari sees as important steps in practicing.

“Spend more time. Self-evaluate and be self-critical.”