Order SOLIDshot now!

After four years of development and two years of refinement on NBA and NCAA courts, basketball smart sleeve SOLIDshot ™ is now available on our website: http://solidshot.com

SOLIDshot is equivalent to a 120 fps high-speed motion capture system, minus the tedious wait for analysis. Four independent computers coordinate hundreds of times per second to analyze your motion in real-time. SOLIDshot's patent-pending four-dimensional calibration system ensures degree-level accuracy.

The revolutionary smart sleeve guides basketball players to improve their shooting form and boost consistency. Using multiple sensors on a player’s shooting arm, SOLIDshot constantly analyzes motion, recognizes a shot, and gives instant feedback the moment the ball leaves the player’s hands. The user-friendly app offers in-depth analytics on shooting form, using advanced algorithms to generate simple, constructive feedback for the player.

The more players use SOLIDshot, the more accurate and consistent their shots become. Studies have shown that NBA players can improve their shot in as little as one session.  Hall of Famer and 14-time NBA All-Star Jerry West called SOLIDshot a “phenomenal shooting system for both experienced and young, aspiring players that are serious about improving their shooting skills."

The SOLIDshot smart sleeve is priced at $499 retail— in honor of the launch, SOLIDshot will be available for $249 through August 11th at solidshot.com. Deliveries will begin at the start of the winter basketball season.